Melodie is one of God's favorite refreshments for the body of Christ! Enjoy her testimony - her trials and tribulations that have led her to triumphant living! 'The Swan' says SIGN HER UP TODAY!  ” - Dennis Swanberg
Anyone who wants a true blessing and a fresh and fun time with the Lord needs to invite Melodie...she is the Real Deal!  ” - Sheri Rose Shepherd
Melodie has a relevant story to tell. She's funny, spontaneous, and full of God's joy; one minute you'll be laughing and the next, you'll be crying. When she spoke for our annual 'Wonderful Weekend for Women,' our ladies couldn't stop talking about her impact in the months that followed.” - Dr. Fred Lowery
Not only is Melodie a skilled communicator, she is accessible and approachable. What I love most about Melodie is her ease in leadership - she never gets stressed, she is never frazzled, and because of her confidence, others are empowered to find and fill their roles in serving.” - Kathi Lipp
Melodie is a heavenly breath of fresh air from the moment she steps on stage.” - Danny Hodges
Melodie has been handed catastrophic, jaw-dropping scenarios which have threatened her marriage, children, ministry, health and home. But with each event, she has consistently clung to God and His Word and calmly declared her confidence in His faithfulness. She has proven God and He has proven her.” - Wendy Youngblood