The Answer Is You

Melodie Griffin

A passionate worship collection featuring a female worship leader who plays, sings, and leads from the heart.

It only took 518 days to complete this worship project after God tapped me on the shoulder to pursue it. But I assure you, it is well worth the wait.

At the beginning of the journey, we had no idea all of the twists and turns the path would hold. God had already begun a work of benevolence in our family, thus earning us the nickname, “Camp Griffin.”

In 2012, Edvard Rybalchenko was plopped into our hearts by an all-seeing God. The tall, blonde boy from across the world in Ukraine became our exchange student, and quickly morphed into our son. In 2013, our arms extended again when Abby, a 16 year old girl with four special needs became part of our brood. 2014 brought a shocking turn of events as we became a foster family and began opening our home to therapeutic blessings who have been ripped from all things familiar. Somewhere amongst the constant hum of frenetic life, these songs of worship eeked out. The title track, “The Answer is You” is an original song that sprang from my heart one day when my dear friend, Tara Wiley, posted that simple phrase to social media. Robin Stanley and Randy Bishop helped me to pin the rest of the words that nail home the most simple, yet most profound of truths. No matter the question, the answer is YOU, God.

As you listen to this collection of worship moments, may you block out the rest of the world (unless you are driving) and catch His gaze! He adores you, and these arrangements are designed to clear off a spot where you can spill out your love back to Him. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – this is for You. This is about You. May the songs of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, oh Lord.

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